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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 25, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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right now at 11:00 breaking news on capitol hill. the senate just passed the largest economic relief package in u.s. history. >> this is about as flawless as you could possibly be. we had input from everyone. >> details of the bipartisan bill and who in the bay area will benefit. also, overwhelmed by the demand. the drive-thru testing sites
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that had to turn patients away today and not because they ran out of test kits. also -- this thing can come on very quickly. >> hospital in the hot zone. the startling number of infected patients at a south bay hospital. and a doctor's warning for other medical centers. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre in the nbc bay area studio. >> i'm raj mathai in the newsroom. that money is coming. $2 trillion. and most americans will get a check from the government. the next step likely approval from the house of representatives on friday. let's bring in nbc bay area's jean elle who joins us in san francisco with the late details. jean? >> reporter: raj, tonight senator kamala harris says this bill is not perfect but she says it will help small businesses and families who are on the brink of financial disaster. the senate passes a $2 trillion coronavirus relief package. a deal senator mitch mcconnell
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says came together because democrats and republicans put their differences aside to help americans. the bill sends a one-time $1,200 check to people who make under $75,000 a year. restaurant workers in san francisco say they are grateful to work the takeout window but with crowds sheltering at home the tips they rely on to make ends meet are gone and help is needed. >> any sort of help from the government would be huge right now. we're all scared and nervous about paying our bills. >> reporter: the package also bolsters unemployment benefits and expands them to freelancers. it includes $350 billion to help small businesses, $500 billion for major corporate loans, $200 billion for domestic priorities like transportation, child care, seniors, and veterans. and $100 billion for hospitals. the house still needs to pass the bill. people who are ready for some financial help are hoping it
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reaches the president's desk as soon as possible. >> the sooner the better. you know, rent's coming up next week and it's going to be on us again shortly. so the sooner the better. >> reporter: the house is expected to vote on the bill on friday, and the president has indicated he will sign it. as for those checks we don't know exactly when they will arrive but lawmakers are indicating they are hopeful for an arrival sometime in april. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> jean, thank you. like that gentleman said, the sooner the better. tomorrow morning on the "today" show an exclusive interview with federal reserve chair jerome powell. how the fed is trying to protect the economy and the financial markets. the "today" show begins at 7:00 a.m. new at 11:00 font, scrambling to get tested. a no doctor's note needed covid-19 test site in hayward is proving so popular the pop-up facility is turning people away and is now setting up new hours of operation.
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nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live in hayward. and cheryl, 9:00 a.m. is the magic hour for a lucky 100 people or so tomorrow. >> reporter: that's right. 100. maybe even 150 people will be tested here tomorrow. that's because the fire department is having some staffing problems. but if tomorrow is anything like previous days the line for testing will be wrapped around the corner. people are working long hours here at avelino lab in menlo park. that's because lab technicians are overwhelmed with test kits from hundreds of people receiving tests for the coronavirus at tennyson park in hayward. on day three of free testing here, the drive-thru lab had to be shut down early. >> so we had to shut the operation down a little after 1:00 today. the lab was inundated with the tests we were giving them. >> reporter: the testing started here on monday. 1,000 people showed up. just under 200 tests were taken.
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on tuesday the number of people tested more than doubled. and today 250 swabs were collected. >> fever will get you a test. being over the age of 65, if you've traveled outside of the country, especially europe or asia. >> reporter: and you don't have to live in hayward to be tested. this woman, who wants to remain anonymous, brought her mother from alameda to get tested only to find out the site closed earlier. >> my mom has been sick for pretty much three weeks now. it started with some bad cough and then it has sort of gone away but it's still lingering. and she is diabetic. >> it's surreal. it's hard to believe that we're going through this. >> reporter: now, the testing will start at 9:00 a.m. here tomorrow and will last probably till around noon, and it will start up again on friday. this is a seven day a week
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operation. reporting live in hayward i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> good information. thank you, cheryl. statewide numbers continue to climb. more than 3,000 cases. 1,100 of those cases specifically here in the bay area. in the last few hours we've learned napa county has another confirmed case, bringing the total to six. santa clara county still with the most at 459. mendocino county also now with the least. so what's the rate of the spread? take a look at this graph. shows you just how many people have tested positive in the bay area in the last two weeks. 3/7, that's march 7th, 58 people with confirmed cases. a week later 3/14, march 14th, 205 cases. march 21st, 654 cases. and you can see where we are as of yesterday on this map. more than 1,000. it's worth noting, again, cases will continue to rise as more people get tested. let's give you a live look at oakland international where a gate agent tested positive for
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covid-19. the airport now tells us that agent worked last sunday at several gates in terminal 2. the agent also used the men's restroom and terminal 2's baggage claim area. we're told both areas have since been cleaned. a second san francisco police officer has tested positive as have four contra costa county fire protection district employees. and a san francisco mta worker. the agency is not saying whether that worker is a bus driver. hospitals across the bay area bracing for that surge of patients. at one point in the last week the san jose kaiser had half of its patients either test positive for covid-19 or were suspected cases. nbc bay area's sergio quintana joins us from that kaiser in san jose with the details. sergio. >> reporter: yeah, the kaiser permanente infectious disease expert says this hospital had a recent surge. so he is warning other hospitals across the bay area to be ready. at kaiser permanente san jose
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you can see how this medical center is geared up. this isn't just in preparation for coming covid-19 patients. this is because they're already here. >> almost half of the hospital is filled with either covid confirmed or under investigation. >> reporter: in a wide-ranging interview with the journal of the american medical association last week, kaiser permanent's dr. steven peratti described how this hospital has already set up a series of tents outside the emergency room to screen patients as they arrive. technicians and staff are in personal protective equipment almost at the start of the intake process. a spokesperson for kaiser permanente tells us tonight the percentage of coronavirus patients at this hospital has declined since last week but they're still on alert. >> this thing can come on very quickly. and so when you go from zero to having ten patients that happened to us in terms of in the icu within one week. >> medical personnel across the bay area are getting ready for what they expect will be a
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sustained rush of infections. in daly city seton medical center released video of an entire ward open and ready to accept coronavirus patients. it's one of two hospitals the state of california is now leasing to help respond. >> make no mistake about it. it's going to save lives. we know this pandemic is only growing. recent numbers, five dead in san mateo county as of this morning. >> reporter: seton medical center had been slated to close but has been leased by the state to care for up to 220 covid-19 patients. and one of the more immediate concerns for staff there at seton medical center is the dire need for more personal protective equipment for everyone on the front line. that seems to be a familiar concern for hospitals across the bay area. even across the country. reporting live in san jose, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> we keep hearing that. okay. thank you, sergio. staying home until at least may 4th. parents and teachers and students at six bay area
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counties learned today that public schools will remain closed another five weeks. those counties include alameda, contra costa, marin, san francisco, san mateo, and santa clara. now, in oakland some teachers say they've been calling their students, offering words of encouragement. the district says it is working to find a way to continue instruction even though a lot of students don't have computers or wi-fi access. it is a hard pill to swallow for oakland high history teacher cole margins. >> some students will be getting the support that they need and some of them will be left behind. and that's what's not fair. >> some districts have told parents they are prepared to reopen school on may 4th if they're cleared by the governor and the cdc. some temporary relief for homeowners here in california. governor newsom says five major banks are suspending mortgage payments for those affected by this virus. now, during his news conference today he said wells fargo, u.s. bank, citi, and jpmorganchase will give you a 90-day grace period to pay your mortgage. this is for people who have lost
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their jobs or become sick. b of a will do the same but for 30 days. now, the governor also revealed more than 1 million californians have filed for unemployment benefits in the past 12 days. >> we need to focus on those faces, on their stories, not just the face of government, not just the face of business but on the faces of individuals day in and day out that are struggling to make ends meet. >> one other note. more than 24 million of those n95 masks have been distributed across the state. another 100 million are on the way. we're on till midnight. up next what a jogger says the men did when she told them to keep their distance from her. and a doctor in the east bay may have found a way to make more medical masks. we'll show you. and also we have our friend jeff ranieri working from home, jeff. >> hey, guys. yes, we're holding down the weather fort here at home. all the same equipment we normally have.
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we're tracking a frost advisory. plus when we will eventually warm back up. i'll have details on that in about six minutes.
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the latest victim of covid-19, san francisco's city hall. it has been shut down after a security screener tested positive for coronavirus. >> it's really sad that now city hall, which is a great beautiful public building that has thousands, tens of thousands of people come through it on a regular basis is now going to be closed to the public. >> public health officials stressed that it's not likely the screener infected anyone through routine screenings at the front door. still, visitors are getting turned away. three blocs south at the hall of justice two members of the special victims unit tested positive. 25 officers and two civilians are now under quarantine. this is disheartening and dangerous. a woman was assault she says while jogging. she tells san jose police that some men spit and coughed on her after she asked those men to stay at least six feet away from them. it happened on the popular jogging trail on communications
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hill in san jose. you can see here some of the attack was caught on camera. she described the incident to us but asked us to alter her voice. >> they said oh, are you scared is this why don't i just give you the coronavirus? and started spitting on me. and then he kept hitting me on my shoulder and coughing into my head. >> detectives are asking anyone who might have any information to call sjpd. okay. a facebook live therapy session courtesy of san jose's mayor tonight. with most of us stressed out, cooped up and coronavirus freaked out, mayor sam liccardo reached out with help from a psychologist, hoping to get us all to take it down a notch and chill a little. nbc bay area's ian cull joined the conversation. >> reporter: in this time of coronavirus you'll see many people taking walks, getting outside to take a deep breath from the troubles of today. >> it's stressful. but i'm coping with it. >> on the coyote creek trail in
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san jose everyone has a story. rick morales literally keeps moving to shake the cabin fever. >> it's a difficult adjustment. i'm not used to it. we have to do what we need to do to prevent the spread of the virus. >> reporter: families especially are destressing together. >> really important for us to take the kids out since they're not going to school and getting as much stimulation. so this way we get to unwind and so do they. >> reporter: and because mental health is so important right now, san jose mayor sam liccardo hosted a facebook live with psychologist dr. marianne tyson about what you can do to endure, like if you're scared know we can only control what we can control ourselves. >> i can take actions that support my well-being. immune system choices. >> reporter: and if you pfeil feel lonely or isolated, reach out to a loved one or neighbor. don't wait for them to call you and try not to focus on the negatives of the world. >> direct the conversations with
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our friends and family to solutions. what is it that you're doing that's helpful here? >> reporter: and also take a moment to realize we're all in this together. in san jose, ian cull, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, n95 masks are in high demand and a retired doctor from ucsf says he can use his 3-d printer to quickly make thousands of these masks. dr. tim hamel says this prototype was created by his 3-d printer made from a thin plastic. he quickly found out that he's not the only one using a 3-d printer to help with the healthcare workers. >> i would hope that we would have with the task force, we would have a design by the end of the week that's been like this is the best design. and then go through the regulatory hurdles to say yes, this has been tested and yes, it works. and then throw it out to the community at large and say print these. >> it is community activism. not quite there yet.
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people who are interested in getting involved can get more information at covid and how about this? most people, we haven't been to a gas station in a while. take a look at some 76 gas stations in san jose. you don't need to lift a finger. they're offering full service, you see the times there, monday through friday 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. no extra charge. the goal obviously is to reduce the spread of germs. we haven't seen that since, what, the 1950s. >> that is a blast from the past. right? okay. hi, jeff. nice to see you. boy, we had a mixed bag of stuff today. a little rain, a little sunshine. what's on tap for tomorrow? >> we've got? cold temperatures, you guys. frost advisory in effect here over portions of marin, napa, sonoma county. so if you must head out tomorrow morning, you're going to need to dress in layers. today we did have that small hail we have been tracking. i wanted to show you on the
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doppler radar and satellite the bulk of that has moved on out. we do have some low snow over mt. hamilton down to about 3,000 feet. and we do have some rainfall offshore but that is not moving in tonight. although we'll have a slight chance of an isolated light spotty shower. as we head through the next several hours, what we're going to be able to see here is in livermore for example we're at 43 right now but we're going to be dropping down to 38 at 5:00 a.m. and 37 at 6:00 a.m. it's going to be cold in the tri-valley but even colder across the north bay. that's where the frost advisory's in effect here over marin, napa, and sonoma counties. make sure to cover up those sensitive plants or start thinking about that because we'll have more cold mornings ahead the next two nights. and take those pets inside. if you're using any kind of space heater, certainly be careful with that. as we look across the entire bay area, we'll be down to a chilly 37 for the average in the tri-valley. 40 in the peninsula. definitely some sweater weather. and a cold 39 for the south bay.
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chilliest number here in the north bay down to an average of 34. san francisco 43. and the east bay at 37. cold and bright start there for the east bay. that's at least good for us. we'll get some of this sunshine tomorrow morning. that will help to give you an extra boost. not going to warm up a whole lot as we head through the day. you'll notice our temperatures here staying in the 50s for the south bay over san jose right up to concord, 57. over to santa rosa 56. down to san francisco, 53 degrees. so really not much difference here across the bay area. my extended forecast does have the chance of spotty showers, isolated thunderstorm tomorrow that could produce some small hail. and then notice next week we are up to a warmer 70 degrees so that is going to feel really nice. coming up in 25 minutes, you guys, i will take a closer look at those morning temperatures across the bay area. we'll pinpoint your different microclimate and i'll show you why i think we could still have
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some thunderstorms possibly tomorrow as well. we're going to wrap it all up for you and i'll see you then and get you ready for tomorrow. >> we love that hail today. thank you, jeff. we'll see you soon. up next at 11:00, want to hang out with stephen curry tomorrow? you can chat with him. we'll tell you how. and a bright idea from the oakland a's. and it's all about your kids. happening now, san jose earthquakes player has created his own stay at home challenge to keep kids active. defender tommy thompson posted a soccer trick on his social media. he told kids to try to replicate it, did some creative things with it. full video's on our website. check it out. we'll be right back.
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all right, jessica, we thought this was cool. steph curry is sheltering at his home in atherton but we will be able to see him tomorrow. he's going one on one with dr. anthony fauci. >> yeah. the warriors superstar is going to talk with dr. fauci on his instagram account. you can be part of the conversation too. dr. fauci is seen almost on a dailybase during president trump's press briefings. he is the leading adviser on the coronavirus and he's advising the president. he's done this so many times before with so many illnesses. curry is encouraging people to submit questions on his social media account and then he's going to ask dr. fauci. the conversation begins tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. so be a part of it. ask dr. fauci what you want. also tomorrow it was supposed to be opening day for the a's and giants. no word yet when the baseball season will start. we do know this, though. the a's have a great idea. they're asking everyone to send them a quick video of their kids playing baseball during the shelter at home. and then the a's announcers will do the play by play. take a look.
11:25 pm
>> young mathi steps up to the plate. his sister cheering him on. because this is a huge moment in this ball game here this afternoon. here's the windup and the pitch. and that is crushed to deep center field. way back. and that ball is gone. >> that's so cute. >> i submitted this on twitter. my son max. the better baseball player in the family. the a's announcer ken korak, and he is so good, did the voice-over. the a's tweeted out the video. and they're doing this with stomper there for hundreds of kids around the bay area. >> and that's cute little marlowe as the cheerleader. >> everyone's there. if you've got a son or daughter at home send in that back yard video of them playing baseball. send it to the a's on twitter and you might get some magic in return. >> super cute. not a bad pitch there either. >> old man. coming, a silver lining in the middle of a pandemic. the surprise for a south bay couple who unfortunately had their wedding canceled.
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right now at 11:30, history on capitol hill. a live look now in washington, d.c. the senate just passing a $2.2 trillion economic relief package which is the largest ever. so who's it going to help and when? plus, we've already seen the surge. south bay hospitals recently inundated with patients. and one doctor's warning for other medical centers. but first, testing has been scarce and slow across the united states, which is why scientists at a bay area lab decided to design their own test. if you're just now joining us, welcome to our extended coverage of this health crisis. we are on until midnight. now, they say it is quicker, more accurate. tonight senior investigative reporter begad shaban has an exclusive look inside a menlo park lab that now plans to make millions of those tests. >> reporter: inside that container are swab samples from 33 patients ready to be tested
11:30 pm
for the coronavirus. they're being hand delivered from a testing site in hayward where for three days cars and people have been lining up for hours to find out if they've been infected. >> the quicker we detect the patients who are positive, the better we can stop the spread. >> reporter: dr. connie chow shurin is a molecular biologist and designed this new type of coronavirus test that claims to provide quicker and more accurate results than other tests including those created by the cdc. >> it takes four to seven hours to process the samples. >> someone can actually find out their test results by the next day. >> yes. >> reporter: the fda gave authorization to begin using the test, which was created here at avellino labs in menlo park. a medical research firm that up until now was only making tests problems. >> how does a company that specializes in genetic testing for eye diseases all of


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